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Posted: 10/13/2023



TITLE:                                  CERTIFIED NURSE AID (CNA)

DEPARTMENT:                   Nursing

REPORT TO:                        Charge Nurse

WAGE:                                   Hourly (3pm-11pm)

WORK HOURS:                  As assigned; including weekends, evenings, & holidays




  • Responsible for assisting residents with activities daily to promote resident independence and dignity.


  • Follow resident assignment schedule as made out by charge nurse, or Unit Manager. This requires the ability to be mentally alert and communicate verbally and in writing information regarding resident’s condition and care.
  • Lift, move and transfer residents as required. Check and reposition residents every 2 hours or more frequently as instructed. This involves the ability to safely transfer residents who cannot bear their own weight. It also involves the ability to safely perform movements such as pushing, pulling, lifting, bending, kneeling, reaching, and lifting more than 150 pounds with or without reasonable accommodations. Manual dexterity required performing tasks in assisting residents with their personal needs.
  • Bathe, shower, shampoo, shave, comb hair, dress appropriately, nail care (routine fingernails and toenails) of any residents assigned.
  • Answer call lights in a timely manner. Be alert to resident’s comforts and needs. Answer their request promptly.
  • Assist and/or totally feed residents.
  • Keep residents clean and dry, toileting or providing incontinent care. Assist with bowel and bladder care. Empty Foley catheter bags, report amount and type to charge nurse. Give peroneal care according to policy. Willingness and ability to tolerate washing hands with soap frequently throughout the day.
  • Observe all residents and report anything unusual or abnormal to Charge Nurse. Ability to safely care for residents in a patient and respectful manner despite resident’s lack of cooperation and/or combativeness.
  • Provide a supportive, protective, and safe environment for residents. Provide care in a kind, compassionate manner and while able to endure continuous stress of caring for residents and working with their families, including caring for residents who may be disoriented, irrational, highly agitated, susceptible to abrupt mood swings, or susceptible to physically aggressive behavior.
  • Follow safety guidelines. Promptly remove and clean up urine or bowel excretions and other spills or safety hazards.
  • Regularly bends stoops and crouches to assist with ambulation and Range of Motion exercises to maintain or improve resident’s level of functioning.
  • Take vital signs, weight, and collect specimen’s given colostomy care and/or catheter care.
  • Clan wheelchairs, beds, nursing equipment, resident personal hygiene items, and other items directed. Requires the ability to lift at least 25 pounds and remove assistive devices to clean properly.
  • Safely utilize equipment. Report any equipment needing service or repair immediately to the Maintenance Director.
  • Participate in emergency fire or disaster drills and other in-service training as scheduled. Must be able to safely assist in an evacuation.
  • Assist in care of a resident after death.
  • Follow Universal Safety Precautions to protect oneself, residents, and other staff members. Rinse soiled linen in preparation to be sent to the laundry this involves the capability to withstand strong foul odors. Willingness and ability to wear, tolerate, and use protective clothing and equipment needed in the carrying out of duties, i.e., latex gloves.
  • Must be capable of maintaining regular attendance in accordance with facility absence policies.
  • Complete assigned training on time and/or attend training classes when scheduled.
  • Take residents to smoking areas and assist and monitor residents with smoking.
  • Use appropriate work behavior and adhere to dress code at all times.
  • Uses tactful, appropriate communications in sensitive and emotional situations.
  • Promotes positive public relations with residents, family members and guests.
  • Proficiency and documentation in Matrix POC.



  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Encourage residents to maintain their highest possible independence, while maintaining their resident’s rights.
  • Provide pre-and post-meal grooming, including washing hands and face, providing oral hygiene, toileting, and assisting the dining room. Maintain proper oral hygiene by assisting or brushing teeth, providing denture care, and keeping mouth clean.
  • Participate in department meetings and family meetings as directed.
  • Participate in teaching and promoting self-care for residents.
  • Clean water pitchers and keep fresh water at the bedside. Offer water and/or juices several times to residents during each shift.


  • Able to lift 100 pounds, if necessary, to assist fallen residents.
  • Able to lift 25 pounds for routine performance of essential functions.

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